Community Association Management

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Community association” means a commercial or residential property association in which membership is a condition of ownership of a commercial or residential unit which is part of a planned unit development or development scheme and which is authorized to impose a fee which may become a lien
on the parcel.

 - A “Community Association Manager” means a person who is licensed to perform community association management services including the following:

  • Practices requiring substantial specialized knowledge, judgment, and managerial skill when done for remuneration and when the association or associations served contain more than 10 units or have an annual budget or budgets in excess of $100,000;
  • Controlling or disbursing funds of a community association;
  • Preparing budgets or other financial documents for a community association;
  • Assisting in the noticing or conduct of community association meetings;
  • Coordinating maintenance for the residential development and other day-to-day services involved with the operation of a community association.

Our Team’s Community Association Management (CAM) Services 

  • Operate and manage the Association as contemplated in the Association’s governing documents.
  • Perform site inspections on a regular basis; report findings to President of Board or designee
  • Provide assistance to and act at the direction of Board of Directors
  • Maintain Association records and oversee payment for Association services
  • Attend Annual Association meeting and one Board meeting per month
  • Prepare proposed operating and annual budget for approval and
    adoption by the Board
  • Prepare regularly scheduled financial statements and reports, providing complete and accurate accounting of all funds
  • Develop effective assessments collection and accounts payable procedures.
  • Delinquencies will be tracked and reports will be provided to the Association as to delinquencies collection action plans
  • Maintain Association’s fiscal records in accordance with recognized and acceptable procedures
  • Manage assets of the Association; maintain office records and accounts, as well as bank account(s)
  • Obtain competitive bids and assist Board in selection of insurance companies, contractors and auditors
  • Promptly investigate accidents or claims for damage; make and file timely report(s) to insurance company
  • Receive service requests and complaints from Board and take appropriate action

Why Retain Property Management Resources CAM Services?

We are a unique association management company in many ways. First, we have expanded management services to both single-family residential and commercial property community associations. We specialize in the transition of community association.

We have found that it is imperative that clear, concise communication be maintained with the board of directors as well as all homeowners within the community association. Our Property Management Resources team is confident that our approach to managing your association, together with our highly skilled and well-trained management team will promote a cohesive partnership with the board of directors and the association, resulting in a successfully managed community.
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