Business Valuation Services

What is Price? What is Value? What is this business worth?

What is the value of my business to prospective buyers?

Price is the amount the seller would like to get for a business. Value represents the benefits that both seller and buyer hope to receive from selling or buying a business. Determining the value of someone’s interest in a business entity is invariably easier said than done.

A Business Valuation Consultant or Appraiser is a professional, who by education, training and experience, is qualified to develop a business valuation of a business ownership interest, security or intangible asset and is a “key advisor” to the courts, government agencies, business owners and their support casts.

Reasons for retaining a business valuation professional are numerous and included but are not limited to:

  • Helping sellers determine the value of a business enterpriseAssisting a buyer to confirm value for a business acquisition

    Estimating value in all business tangible & intangible assets such as: physical assets, patents, covenants not to compete, customer list, franchise agreement, goodwill

    Litigation: probate, divorce, partner or shareholder disputes, expert testimony, economic damages

    Taxation: estate planning, gifts/inheritance interests, IRS inquiries, changing corporate status (C Corp to an S Corp)

    Strategic Planning

    Financial Planning

    Succession Planning

    ESOP Valuations

How Can We Help?
At Biz BUYology, LLC, our highly competent business valuation professionals utilize a comprehensive approach to valuing business interests. Our business valuation experts perform an in-depth analysis using relevant market data and apply state-of-the-art business valuation techniques to prepare an accurate and defensible business valuation report. We continuously monitor statutory authority, administrative rulings and judicial precedent. This insures a disciplined business valuation that is in strict compliance with all state and federal law and is performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards and guidelines.

Our valuation staff provide the level of customized service you desire, that range from just informal calculations to a comprehensive appraisal report. They help you determine which of the following valuation services you need:

  1. Appraisal Report - A comprehensive, narrative report provides an independent opinion on the value of a business interest. This report provides a logical progression that clearly communicates pertinent information, valuation methods and conclusions. The result is a report that is easy to understand, with information that can be defended, if necessary.Summary Letter Report: If the report is for client use only, our valuation team will issue a Summary Letter Report that states material factors leading to the report’s conclusions. If any individual challenges the value conclusion, our staff will afford our client additional work file information to produce an appraisal report.

    Restricted Appraisal Report: In a Restricted Appraisal Report, our staff will provide an approximate indication of value and will perform limited procedures agreed to in advance with our client. This type of report is appropriate when a client wants an estimate of business value, but does not require a formal opinion.

    Expert testimony: Our team offers the experience and credentials to provide your legal and tax advisors for trial preparation assistance and expert testimony.

Why Biz BUYology, L.L.C.?
Our team strongly believes that not all business valuation services companies are created equal, especially in the rapidly changing and sophisticated arena of business valuation. It’s a specialized field where ultimately the appraiser’s dedication, professional certifications, trade associations, resources and passion for the profession makes a big difference in the overall quality and accuracy of the completed valuation report and post-appraisal process support services. Our prospects and clients can take comfort in our organizational commitment that our business valuation professionals will be well respected leaders within the business valuation community and be highly motivated to continuously “sharpen their professional swords” to insure that they maintain a “best in class” industry wide service provider reputation. Our team is a proud and highly engaged participating member of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and will continue to leverage the oldest and most respected professional appraisal society in the world to help us to continue to exceed all our client’s performance expectations.