Capital Services

How Many Ways Can You Change A Dollar Bill?

Need to Finance a Business? What Does a Business Financing Intermediary Do?   What are Debt & Equity Capital Alternatives? Creative Financing Solutions in Buying or Growing a Business?

In financing a business acquisition or re-capitalization of a business, all sources of available capital should be considered:

Senior Debt Capital Sources

  • Commercial Banks
  • Non-Traditional Asset Lenders: Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Machinery, Patents, Letters of Credit, Securities
  • SBA Government Guaranteed
  • Assumption of Debt: Bank or other Lender,  Discounted, Debtor in Possession (DIP)

Subordinated (Junior) Debt Capital Sources

  • Seller Financing
  • Mezzanine Lending
  • Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Program
  • Employee Stock Option Plans  (ESOPs)
  • Second Lien Loans
  • Supplier Financing
  • Bridge Loans

Equity Capital Sources

  • Cash Reserves & Borrowed Funds:  Personal Savings,  Home Equity,  Marketable Securities Retirement Accounts (401K, IRA), Life Insurance Cash Values,  Personal Credit Cards, Family & Friends
  • Private Equity Groups  (PEGs)
  • Venture Capital  (VC)
  • Angel Investors
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Private Placements

A Business Financing Intermediary is a professional, who by education, training and experience, is qualified to provides specialized financial skills in assisting clients seeking additional capital. As “bridge building” financial intermediary professionals, we align entrepreneurs and capital sources, but are not a bank
or a lending organization. 

Reasons for retaining a Business Financing Intermediary professional are numerous and included but not limited to:

  • Pre-qualifying client to reduce time and cost of financing transaction
  • Assisting client in the development of a “winning” business plan
  • Helping client create  the pro forma income statement , cash flow and
    balance sheet projections
  • Simplify the client’s administrative burden of completing all loan
    related paperwork
  • Leveraging already strong & well established local and national
    lender relationships
  • Guide the client “cradle to grave” all the way through closing the financing solution

Why Retain Biz BUYology, L.L.C.?
At Biz BUYology, LLC, our highly competent business financing Intermediaries utilize a comprehensive approach to sourcing all debt and equity capital resources for our clients.

Our business financing intermediary experts commences the capital procurement journey by performing a pre-qualification and capital source matching assessment using the client’s relevant financial and credit data.

The client is always educated on the various financing alternatives given their business and personal circumstances.

Business plans are carefully reviewed and edited, if necessary, to insure a lender or investor friendly business plan is timely submitted to our target audience.

The complex, confusing and costly administrative “paper pushing” burden of financial package preparation is simplified and streamlined for ease of client processing.

Existing local and national lenders are selected to aggressively work the proposed capital deal to ultimately achieve the desired outcome as timely and cost effectively as possible without compromising the quality of the terms of the deal for the client.

Our financing support services group provides the level of customized service you desire, that range from just informal financing solution guidance to the development of a comprehensive financing road-map for the capital needs of your business this year, next year or for many years to come.