What is Your Dream Business?


What is Your Dream Business?

Professional business intermediaries & brokers listen to potential buyers in order to better understand their wants and desires, as they consider making what is typically one of the largest investments and toughest decisions they will ever make. In addition, we appreciate the lifestyle you are seeking after making your investment.

Many buyers are first time investors in operating businesses and we are obliged to help guide them towards businesses suited to their interests, financial capabilities, family situation as to time required, and projected cash flows after debt service. Working together and being sensitive to the Buyers needs will allow us to find the “right” business and the “right” terms to make your dream a reality.

With decades of experience In both mainstreet and Mid-market acquisitions, divestitures and mergers, we are prepared to assist and advise both sellers and buyers. We are “transactional” brokers under Florida law and, as such, treat each party with fairness & honesty, limited confidentiality, and proper accounting of funds, among other obligations.


Your broker after learning about you, your family, your experience, your financial capabilities and your interests will be in a position to assist you in finding the right opportunity to match your goals. Then, and only then, your business broker will call upon the contacts and inquiries in his local files, professional affiliation files and seek out additional potential opportunities  through selected websites and professional acquaintances. Many times businesses that are available are not listed for sale out of an abundance of caution for confidentiality, or for other personal reasons of the business owner. We seek these opportunities out for certain qualified Buyers through our professional contacts within the banking community, accountants, attorneys and many other professionals in our “networking” communities.


Your Broker has years of experience in dealing with Sellers and Buyers and it is to your advantage to allow him to represent you in arriving at a fair and acceptable offer. Too many times negotiations are strained between the Seller and Buyer and it requires a third party to step in and prevent the parties from losing the transaction, in which they both stand to achieve their respective goals.  Your Broker can raise questions, or approach difficult or embarrassing issues that might otherwise be a point of contention, if addressed directly by the Seller or Buyer. Remember, both parties must get along after the closing, to permit training and a smooth transition.

There will, more likely than not, be contingencies to overcome before the closing(s) can take place. Whether it is the bank closing or the business transfer closing, there will be issues. Issues are just that, not disasters, just issues to be resolved. Your Broker is experienced in handling these types of problems and considers it a part of his professional duty to you to assist in resolving whatever is needed to remove any contingency.